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A padlock is displayed at the Alert Logic booth during the 2016 Black Hat cyber-security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. August 3, 2016.  REUTERS/David Becker The breach in the city of 1.6 million people was believed to have originated in the area, city spokeswoman Sana Syed said in an emailed statement. Vaz cited industry experts as saying the hack was among the largest ever to affect emergency sirens, with most breaches triggering one or two. "This is a very, very rare event," he said. Engineers are working to restart the system and should have it restored by late on Sunday, he said. Until the sirens are running, Dallas will rely on local media, emergency 911 phone calls, and a federal radio alert system, Vaz said. The hack is being investigated by system engineers and the Federal Communications Commission has been contacted, but police have not been involved, he said. The sirens went through 15 cycles of a 90-second activation before they were shut down, he said. The wailing sirens triggered a firestorm of speculation and reaction on Twitter, with Garrett S. Bacak at @theinsidiousone tweeting, "Go home dallas, you're drunk." Glynn Wilcox wrote on @glynnwilcox, "At this point I'm never trusting a #siren again." (Reporting by Ian Simpson; Editing by Richard Chang) A padlock is displayed at the Alert Logic booth during the 2016 Black Hat cyber-security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

The sexy sheer-coloured ensemble, which features more than 2,500 hand-stitched crystals, was bought by museum chain Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Most popular: Taylor Swift returning to Spotify with new album? Universal announce exclusive streaming deal Vice president of the museum, Edward Meyer, said at the time: "We believe this is the most iconic piece of pop culture that ชุดเจ้าสาว 2017 there is. "In the 20th century I cannot think of one single item that tells the story of the 1960s as well as this dress. It's a new world record for a dress." View photos Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday dreaa More The documentary shows that there were other more minor bits and bobs from the film star's life up for sale. These include the likes of her prescriptions, her tablet bottles, notes scrawled on menus and even poems to her husband Arthur Miller. Monroe is considered to be one of the most iconic stars to have ever lived and though she was a top-billed actress for only a decade, her films grossed $200m (160m) by the time of her unexpected death in 1962. She was found dead in the bedroom of her Brentwood home by her psychiatrist, Dr Ralph Greenson, in the early morning hours of 5 August 1962. The toxicology report later revealed that her cause of death was acute barbiturate poisoning.

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