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Right from the beginning, I saw myself as one of the raw materials to use in my work. She does not see the photos as depicting her real self, though. Rather, theyre a form of role-play. I couldnt experience any of those things children do, like trying out my mothers high heels, or walking around in oversized shoes, or playing the heroine in a school play. A teacher suggested entering her work in the Gunma Young Artists Biennale. Katayama won the Encouragement award and, for the first time, art seemed a viable option; by 23 she was a student at the prestigious Tokyo Art Institute. The 2014 installation Youre Mine typifies the amount of intricacy in her work. She had a plaster cast mould of her body made, then covered it in a handsewn patchwork leather skin. She made a wig for the mannequin out of her own hair and, in place of a face, is a dressing-room mirror with lights that an actress uses to transform herself. Growing up, Katayama felt that she had to mimic others in order to be accepted and conform: It expresses the idea that Im absorbing things like a sponge from people who look กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม into the mirror. Pinterest Inspired by Botticelli Katayama on the beach at Naoshima. Photograph: Mari Katayama A recent trip to Naoshima, a tiny island in the Seto Inland Sea of southern Japan , opened her eyes to Naoshima Onna Bunraku, an all-female style of traditional puppet theatre. The dolls for bunraku dont have legs, says Katayama. They use elbows and hand movements to express themselves instead.

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