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Each of these shrines comprised of a chancel-like region which acquired a increasing structure with a stepped style. It heading off from the Fergusson University in 1954, Professor Bapat was commissioned as the Chief Publisher by the Ministry of Details and Broadcasting, Authorities of India, to edit 2500 years of Buddhism which was published in 1956. Offering of more than 2,000 preserved wats or temples built during the 6th century, Bagan outnumbers Angkor Wat's wats or temples several times over.Hundreds of Buddhist Viharas had been founded which were instrumental in dispersing Buddhism all over India and additional Hard anodized cookware countries. This statue of Buddha is definitely called Maitreya (potential) Buddha and it covers two storeys of the building of the Monastery located at 11800 feet. Buddhism hence provides us with a especially rich and in many ways unexplored archive for the study of transcultural aspect in the longue duréage, and across a variety of historical and social configurations. Pickering, Tom (ed.), The Power of Encounter: Documents on Buddhism and Mindset, London: Curzon Press 1997. Kings of a empire called Pallava built Kanchipuram, a place consisting of over a hundred Hindu wats or temples during the 7th to 9th decades AD. Many great Shiva temples hopped towards the atmosphere like Thiruvannamalai, Brahadeeswarar, Jalakandeswar, Sundareswar, Chidambaranar, Sanghameswarar, Ardhanareeswarar, Nellayappar, Thayumanavar, Vaitheeswarar, Kapaleeswarar, Patteeswarar etc.