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A peace deal with Colombia's main rebel group and improved security have led to the "historic shift", police said. Gen Murillo said that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) had not kidnapped a single person in 2016. The Farc signed a peace deal with the government in November ending 52 years of armed conflict. 'Miraculous fishing expeditions' The rebel group had been notorious for kidnapping soldiers and police officers and holding them hostage for long stretches of time, sometimes tied to trees in their jungle camps. The Farc also carried out large-scale kidnappings of civilians for ransom, dubbed "miraculous fishing expeditions", stopping buses and seizing anyone they thought could be a lucrative target. Gen Murillo said 88% of the kidnappings in 2016 had been committed by "common criminals" who did not belong to either the Farc or Colombia's second-largest rebel group, the National Liberation Army (ELN). Of the remainder, 11% were carried out by organised crime gangs, the general said, and the final 1% of victims were taken by the ELN. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Gen Luis Mendieta (in uniform) was held by the Farc for almost 12 years The ELN has clashed with the government over its unwillingness to release the last of its hostages. The Marxist rebel group was due to start exploratory peace talks with the government in October, but the meeting was cancelled after the ELN refused to free former Congressman Odin Sanchez ahead of the talks. The rebel group says it will release him during the first round of talks but the government insists he should be freed before the two sides sit down at the negotiating table.

The airline agreed to redesign its work stations to provide more automation, change required tasks to reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuriesand eliminate the double-decker baggage conveyor belts that necessitated too much bending or lifting. "The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. We are reviewing our ergonomic practices in order to further improve the work environment for our employee," United said in a statement. OSHA found five hazardous conditions or required activities. Among them was one that has become more common in recent years as baggage fees prompt more passengersto carry their luggage onto the plane. When too many passengers try to bring aboard their bags, the overflow is manually loaded and unloaded by handlers in the passenger jetways, the original complaint stated. At a different work station, handlers had to lift bags with one hand while scanning them with the other hand, a cumbersome requirement that produced injuries, the settlement said. The settlement may become a template for how OSHA handles other airline baggage departments. "This settlement will have long-term safety implications for the baggage-handling industry," said Jeffrey S.

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